About Me

I have struggled with eating disorders ranging from anorexia to binge eating. As well as working out everyday doing a ton of cardio and burning about 600 calories while consuming under 1000 calories. I have struggled for over 10 years trying to find a balance and to have a healthy relationship with food. I restricted more and worked out more thinking that would be the answer. I got to a point that I just started to accept the fact that this was just my life now, and my goals were just out of reach.

And then about 3 years ago I heard about macro counting aka flexible dieting. The concept I noticed while researching was eat more and lose weight... I thought there is no way, but I didn't have much to lose so I took a risk and got macros coach and she was absolutely amazing... she guided me along the way and taught me so much! One of the best decisions I have made for myself! I believe in flexible dieting because it gives you freedom of food choice and taught me to not view food as good or bad, just as FOOD.

My goal as a nutritionist, is to help you learn to make healthy lifestyle changes that you can implement into your day to day life. I want you to walk away from my programs with all the information on how to do this on your own. 

Let me help you reach your goals and have a healthy relationship with food!

Will it be easy?


Will it be worth it?