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Tips and Tricks for MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal can be a little confusing and overwhelming, here are some tips that might help you along the way.

After you have created your account and profile - add me as a friend (that way I can look at your food logs and help when needed)

*Click on more

*Click on Friends

*Top right corner, click on +

*Email - my user name is mrsmasiello

You will also need to set your profile to "Friends only" to view your profile

*Click on More


*Diary Settings

*Diary Sharing

*Click Friends Only

Now when you set up your profile MFP automatically gave you "calories, and macros" So to change it to your goal calories... (your macros #s most likely will never match what I give you to MFP, unless you upgrade to premium) MFP has very generic % for macros, and flexible dieting is exact % but you can try to get it as close as possible by doing this...

*Click on More


*Calorie & Macronutrient Goals

*Type in Calories, and then you can try to get your % to get as close as possible

Add your own food in

*Click Diary

*Add Food (Under what meal)

*My Foods

*Create a Food

*Add in as much info as possible... I always add (calories, fat, carbs, fiber and sugar) you don't need to worry about anything else

A few other tips and tricks for MFP...

1. Scanning your food in is the easiest, but just be careful when adding a new item... for example if it says "net carbs" look to see if the carbs match your food... if it doesn't then you will need to add the food in.

2. When eating out, you can look up the restaurant and see if its in the data base. Most chain restaurants are in there and correct.

3. If you food item is not in MFP for eating out, then you can look to find the closest comparison, for example you are going to get mexican food and the restaurant is not in there, you are doing to order bean and cheese burrito... just type in bean/cheese burrito and find one that looks comparable... and just do your best when choosing.

4. When eating out and you order a meal but change things (like no cheese, no dressing, salad instead of fries) then the best way to add this is everything separate.

Here is a helpful video with lots of great tips!

Video on Pre-logging on my fitness pal

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