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Eating out doesn't have to be stressful

One of my favorite things about flexible dieting is the flexibility of it! There is nothing that is off limits on this program, you can eat and enjoy the foods you love in moderation.

When going out to eat, there is no need to stress over what your going to eat. With a little planning ahead, and pre logging your food and drinks, you will be set up for success.

If you have a dinner out, then that morning look up the menu and decide what you are going to order.

When eating out read the menu carefully, the added fat in restaurants food can really be over the top! You want to avoid foods that say fried, breaded/crusted, creamy and buttery. You can still order these meals, but make changes to them... you can asked for it to baked, steamed, grilled. Don't be afraid to make changes to your order! You have goals that you want to achieve and have to make the right choices to achieve them. Plus you are paying for these foods and you deserve to have them the way you want them! I typically order without the high fat items just to be on the safe side. Cheese, avocado, nuts, nut butters... all those are very high in fat and can really add up. You can ask for those items to be on the side that way you can control how much you eat, or just not get them at all.

Salads always seem like a good and healthy choice when eating out... but sometimes they can be more fat then a big huge cheeseburger! But watch what is on your salads... try to have it more veggies and meat vs bacon, eggs. cheese, avocados. And dressings are also one to watch out for... any dressing that is creamy is higher in fat, the clear dressings are a little better for you. Order you dressings on the side, and dip your food or fork into the dressing. Or what I like to do is use lemons, or salsa for dressing... these have little to zero calories so you can load up on these!

Most importantly enjoy your eating out experience. Make it about your family and friends around you and enjoying your time with them and not worry so much about the food. Eating out does NOT have to be stressful!

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