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Tracking raw VS Cooked

So you have been tracking your macro so great but then you realize the sweet potato entry on myfitnesspal you have been using is completely WRONG... like you should have been tracking DOUBLE the carbs then what you were. How do I know this... well this totally happened to me... I figured this out over a year of my macro journey so I am sharing this information with you so that doesn't happen to you.

By not tracking your foods correctly you could be having weight gain or no weight loss and so frustration because you think your doing everything right.

Of course if your only making one meal at a time when cooking then you wouldn't need to do this. But most of the time you are probably making your family dinner, or maybe meal prepping... so there is large batches of food being made.​

You can use this same method on all raw/cooked foods.

Once you do this one time you don't need to do it again... Unless you are cooking say "chicken" a different way (baked VS Grilled)

1. Weigh your raw food before you cook it.

2. Figure all the macros for your raw food (Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat, and Fiber)

3. Cook it and weigh the entire batch

4. In MFP create a recipe - use the weight of the cooked food and the macros of the raw food and your DONE!

Here is a little video to also explain the process...

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