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Creating recipes on MyfitnessPal

Creating a recipe on Myfitnesspal may seem over whelming, but really after you do this once you will have it down and its super easy.

Its also so nice once you do this with your favorite recipes you can have them in there for when you make it again.

  • Click on More

  • Click on Meals, recipes & foods

  • Create a recipe

  • Enter Ingredients manually

  • Enter your title, put # of servings as 1 (you will go back and change this)

  • Click add ingredients

  • From here you can scan or type in your ingredients

  • Save the recipe

***After all this is done, from here you can do a few different things with the serving sizes. You can either do the amount of servings (example, making 12 muffins than you can have 12 servings)

OR if your weird like me, you can do per grams…

  • After your recipe is done cooking, get the weight of what your total cooked food weighs.

  • Then you can go back and edit your recipe… change serving size to the weight of the cooked recipe (this will be done by grams)

  • From here you can add that food to your diary, and change the grams to the amount that you eat.

Here is a video that also might help to see how I did all these steps.

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