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Online Macro Calculators VS Macro Coach

So whats the deal with all these online macro calculators? Why would you pay a macro coach, when you can get it for free online? Those are great questions!

There are several websites that offer FREE online macro calculators. Which one is the best? Which one is most accurate? Well I have my favorite one that I would suggest if your not ready to hire a macro coach...

But I really don't have the answer to which one is the best or most accurate. If you were to go put in your same status into all the different calculators, I would bet you would get different macros each time. Kinda crazy how that works, right?

So what are the benefits of hiring a Macro Coach VS getting numbers for free online?

1. These online calculators are very generic. They will ask for age, height, weight, how active you are, and if you want to lose weight etc. Seems like enough info.... nope! What about the type of job you do all day? How active you are when not working out makes a big difference. Also what type of workouts do you do? How often?

2. These calculators do not know YOU and your lifestyle. So many factors play into customizing your macros. Are you Vegan? Dairy intolerance? Etc. These may not seem important, but they are. If there is certain foods you can't eat, don't eat then that will make a difference on the macros that are set for you.

3. Your coach would be watching all your information very closely. Weight, how your feeling, energy, your energy with your workouts, hungry or full, stress, monthly cycle and so much more. These all affect your weight loss, and reaching goals.

4. And my most favorite benefit of all... Motivation, accountability, support, and someone to be there for you the entire way!

5. And of course to answer ALL the questions you will have... because trust me there will be questions, and thats GREAT... that means your learning the process!

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