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Cooking With No Oil

A few years ago, I decided to cut out using cooking oils to save on my macros (fat). But then just recently, I have been doing some research on vegetable oils... and I was surprised on the information I found. Now I am not going to go into the details, and my opinions on the different oils, but I do think that you do your research on this topic and decide for yourself what is best for you.

For the macro side of this, I love using my fat for the day on avocado, peanut butter or dark chocolate. But thats just me :) Anyways... onto the topic... How to cook with out using oils...

Roasting and Baking:

I like to use cooking spray instead of oil. I use a organic coconut oil or organic avocado oil spray, but any cooking spray will work.

Spray your pan/baking sheet with the spray.

Lightly spray your veggies or meat with the cooking spray and then season.

Thats it! Nothing to fancy or complicated.


Spray your pan with the cooking spray of choice.

And this way you will want to use the lid... it pretty much steams the food.

And if needed add a little water if the pan gets to dry. Thats it! Nothing to complicated with this way either

Marinades that call for oils: I have made several recipes that call for oil, and the only thing I do differently is forgo the oil. I do everything the recipe calls for except the oil.. I never missed the oil... EVER!

Now if there is a recipe you just don't think you can do without the oil, then my choice of oils to use is Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil or just plain butter. But like I said these are just my preferences. This blog is mainly to show, you have a choice to cook with oils or not.

All these techniques cooking spray is needed to replace the oils. Yes some of these sprays still have the oil in them, but its just a little amount VS a few servings of oil.

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