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I have gained so much confidence working with Amber! Around Christmas I won a 16 week program with Amber. And it was life changing. I always said, I wanted to get in shape, be healthy for myself and my kids. Well, it was a lot of talk until Amber came into my world. I have lost over 16 pounds!!! Now I have to buy new clothes, but what a problem to have. I am confident enough to walk around in my swimsuit finally. I struggled with eating due to issues after having my first son (18yrs ago) I went from eating 800 calories, not losing any weight or gaining any muscle, to now eating over 1600 calories and losing weight, gaining muscle, and most importantly I feel strong. I now cringe every time I hear someone say "I'm on a low carb diet, or I don't eat carbs, they make you fat" I now eat 170gram carbs a day! And I am losing weight and I have energy!!! I have conquered my fear of eating. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Amber, thank you!!!

-Jamie Petteway


Thank you for the help and guidance you've given me. I came into this knowing I needed a change and that I was just not where I needed to be nutrition wise. I was so scared to eat "more" especially before the wedding and you truly helped me turn me into a believer! I feel better about myself and see the difference in my body and mostly I feel like I understand my need for more food now and the right kinds of food. So thank you! Can't wait to start back up again after the honeymoon! 

-Lindsay Reed

"I found Amber through a mutual friend when I shared that I wanted to try macro counting. She pointed me in her direction for coaching and I am so glad she did. I struggled as a new mom to get in a better mindset about food and just setting better habits for myself. It feels like everything is telling you to limit, stop, can't have this or that if you want to lose weight. She took my usual go to foods and put them in a macro plan that worked for me. Keeping it easy since I wasn't buying bunch of stuff I had never heard of, just more of the things I needed in my diet - like protein. It took a few days to get the hang of balancing it all out and pre planning like she talks about makes the day simple. I loved that part because I just had to check what was up next to snack on and kept those things stocked in the house. She was a constant cheerleader when I felt like I was not making enough progress. She was responsive and considered my notes from each week when adjusting my macros. I feel like my biggest lesson was that food isn't 'bad' and being able to be flexible (what macro counting is all about) is what works for me. 

-Jeannine Bonadio

Amber is an amazing coach! I have worked with other coaches before, but the difference with Amber is she gets to know YOU! You are not a client to her, but a friend thats cheering you on! Along my journey Amber guided, encouraged, and supported me in so many ways. The numbers she set for me were so realistic! I immediately felt like, "I can do this!" Each week that I stuck to my numbers, I saw success and we bumped up my numbers (which is exciting)! When I had an week off, I confided in Amber and she never made me feel like a failure. Amber is one of a kind and anyone who decides to choose her as a coach is so lucky! Thank you Amber for all the ways you helped both physically and emotionally... that is truly priceless to me!!!

-Jessica Mauizio

I was so worried that I would never lose the weight I put on through my last couple years of school. I haven't seen 130 in like 2.5 years. Thank you so much for your support and guidance! Feels so good to see my body start changing without starving myself!

-Jaclyn Jadwin

Before I was introduced to flexible dieting, I was a pretty healthy eater and avid exerciser. However, I knew I was making some poor choices with certain foods and therefore, my body and health were not as good as they could have been. Flexible dieting for me was about being accountable, to myself and also another person, my coach Amber. It also made me aware of what exactly I was eating. I was not in the habit of reading food labels, and using a program like this showed me about portion sizes and hidden sugar and fats. I also learned how to add more fiber into my diet, which has many health benefits. I looked at the macro "puzzle" as a challenge each day and enjoyed figuring out how to fit all my food together. I had expected to to feel obsessive or hungry by using the program, and instead I felt satisfied and in charge of my diet. I can now enjoy food and have more energy, less body fat, and better health.

-Kellie Stevenson

Thank you so much Amber Masiello for all your patience, education and help. My daughter is really made some amazing improvements not only in her food choices but her energy level is up and she is feeling so much better. You are the best. She has 7 different doctors but I learned more from you in two weeks then in the last 5 months from all of them.

-Patty Doherty

Amber is a great macro coach! With her assistance I lost 14.5 pounds and 9 inches in 3 months! She is very encouraging and quick to respond to your questions!

-Marti Wolfe

Amber was so kind to work with. She was understanding and helpful. I really appreciated the way she believed in me. All her tips and tricks are great and she is very good to respond and generous with her time.

-Kandice Looski

I can not tell you how much I am loving macros. Thank you so much. For the first time in a very long time I am eating enough! And my body is responding well! And I have freedom from psycho brain!

-MacKenzie Allen

I am seeing/saw/experienced such amazing results hiring Amber as my Macro coach. A friend had recommended her and I decided to do it and try something different from what I was doing. I have always been super active and have always eaten pretty clean. I even went to school for Nutrition and am certified as a health coach and personal trainer.  All that to say, I had tried a generic macros program before but didn’t see great results. I also have a history of an eating disorder. After having my third kiddo, I decided that I wanted to really take care of myself. I didn’t want to over work and under eat, I wanted to make time to keep my body and mind healthy so I could be a healthier momma. 

I have learned SO much! I am eating so much more than I used to and for the first time, I have zero guilt. I have so much freedom! I did this to hold my self accountable to eating enough. I feel like I’m finally fueled for my workouts, I feel strong during my workouts, and my bloat is gone! My cravings for sugar at the end of every night are gone. I log my wine and chocolate every morning so that I can be sure to have those every night. (That’s what 3 kids in 4 years will do to you). I have freedom to be me, freedom to eat enough, freedom from the eating disorder thought process, and what’s more is that I have gained a good friend and mentor. Thank you Amber for all that you have done for me. Words cannot express how thankful I am! 

-Anna McHenry

Amber is the best Coach! She's patient and supportive and you actually get to deal directly with her, unlike other coaches out there.

-MacKenzie Allen

I've learned SO much from Amber and cannot express how much you have helped me transform during the past several months! This journey has been so much more then about a number on a scale or what size I wear (which is originally what I thought it would be). But instead, its been about learning to have a healthy relationship with food and trusting a slow process VS something that guarantees fast results. Its about learning how to say that I've stumbled and I need help getting back on track. (And learning to give myself a break when I do stumble). Its about learning to be comfortable in mu skin and where I'm at in my journey. And most importantly, its learning that some of your biggest supporters can be people you've never met in person.​ 

~Callie Napoli

So proud of the accomplishments I have made thus far 8 weeks in (8 pounds down) with the help of Amber! NO expensive shakes, NO gimmicks, NOT starving myself or getting rid of an entire food group, DIDN'T change my workout routine. I've always worked out 5-6 days a week and continued to do that. I ate normal food, counted my macros and stayed on plan! This right here is hard work, dedication, planning meals ahead of time, etc. Anyone can do it! Never thought I'd be able to do it, but I took a leap of faith and here I am and its just going to keep getting better! Do I drink alcohol? YES! Do I eat ice cream and indulge at times? Of course! Do I live my life and enjoy the foods that I want to have? YES! Yes, its a slow process and that just means results will last! I've had a few trips in this 8 weeks that I didnt track, and still made progress! We do not need to starve ourselves to lose weight!

~Stacy Applen

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